10 phrasals — инфографика (выпуск 3)


break in – ворваться, вломиться, проникнуть

Пример: The burglar broke in and stole cash and jewellery.

make out – понять, разобрать

Пример: It was so noisy in the classroom that I couldn’t make out what the teacher was saying.

look for – искать

Пример: Are you looking for your glasses? They are on the table.

put on – надевать

Пример: Put on something smart, we are going to the restaurant tonight.

set up – устанавливать, ставить

Пример: We called a technician to set up the computer network.

let out – выпускать

Пример: Peter was let out of prison after serving two years.

find out – обнаружить, выяснить

Пример: We’d been friends for years when I found out he was seriously ill.

hang out – тусоваться

Пример: Jack likes hanging out with friends in the local bar.

bring up – 1) воспитывать, растить (детей)

Пример: The twins were separated at birth and brought up in different families.

2) поднимать (вопрос, тему), заводить (разговор)

Пример: He brought up this issue at the meeting last Monday.

work out – 1) сработать успешно

Пример: Don’t worry. I’m sure everything is going to work out well.

2) решать (задачу)

Пример: I couldn’t work out this problem and had to ask for help.


2 комментариев к “10 phrasals — инфографика (выпуск 3)
  1. Асхат

    Hi!А как понимать когда work out как то связывают с физич.тренировками?спс!

    • Марина Борисова

      Это, собственно, и имеется в виду тренировка.

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